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We divide our strategy into several phases. Initially, we focus on understanding the problem through quantitative and qualitative methods. Once we have identified the challenges, we design a bulletproof and durable strategy with clear objectives.

1. CX Analysis

We analyze customer behavior and customer journeys. We are also interested in the data you collect and how you work with it.

2. Marketing Audit

By mapping the current state of marketing activities with a focus on communication, we evaluate and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each component.

3. Market Analysis

How and why is your competition succeeding? What are the market dynamics and the trends influencing your segment? Thorough market analysis will give us important answers.

4. Activity Prioritization

After the research phase, we present you with the results. At this point, it is important for us to agree on strategic priorities around which we will design the strategy.

5. Strategy Design

The output is a comprehensive strategy built on data. We identify areas, in which your business has the highest priorities, along with tactics to improve them within the strategy.



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It is well-known that good branding is not just about the logo, but we firmly believe that good branding goes beyond visuals and aesthetics. We focus on a holistic understanding of the brand, where all visuals, texts, and elements must harmonize like a unified composition.

1. Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to understand the client’s expectations in detail and establish the future framework for creative designs.

2. Research

We analyze the market, customers, and available data because we don’t work blindly. Every solution requires thorough data collection and interpretation.

3. Ideaboard

We present the output from the initial creative research, where we show you possible directions for future branding.

4. Checkpoint

We align with you on the direction, and after incorporating feedback, we begin to create a high-quality output.

5. Final Branding

The result of the entire process is the final branding that perfectly reflects the character of your brand. We deliver it to you in the form of a complete design manual.



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Building a brand through strategic communication is our third priority. Once we have established brand foundations, we build communication on top of them. As we progress, we collect data to maximize the effectiveness of our activities, ensuring that we consistently deliver the best results.

1. Project Plan Setup

We establish a specific project plan based on The Happytail Playbook. The goal is to execute what we have proposed in the strategy.

2. Competency Allocation

We configure the project team according to the necessary capacities. If you are working with an internal team or other external vendors, we will establish collaboration rules.

3. Defining KPIs

Every project needs goals by which we can evaluate the progress made. Together with you, we will convert these goals into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

4. Execution and Communication

We will agree on operating rules, communication methods, and boundaries for collaboration that are suitable for everyone involved.

5. Evaluation

We meet at agreed intervals to evaluate the implementation of the project plan and the achievement of goals.

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