Three new employees from the hiring campaign.


Vesnala Pharmacy is a bold market challenger, aiming to bring a new customer experience to the pharmaceutical sector.


Their strategy involves dynamic expansion through retail, targeting an audience of young families and people who prioritize a healthy lifestyle.


Our goal was to create a comprehensive hiring campaign, specifically targeting potential employees for our two forthcoming pharmacies
in Trnava.


We encountered significant challenges, most notably the strong competition from dominant players who control an 86% market share, as illustrated in the „share of search“ chart below.


These competitors have an obvious advantage in recruitment, thanks to their well-established brand awareness in a market that is currently facing a shortage of pharmacists.


We have crafted a campaign that highlights the strong aspects of Vesnala’s employee experience, as identified through research with employees.


Our primary target audience consisted of young professionals, for whom we aimed to create something disruptive and in alignment with Vesnala’s progressive values.


The primary message emphasized the freedom pharmacists enjoy in their work, symbolized through the metaphor of tattoos. The secondary creative direction focused on achieving mass reach through offline channels.


The campaign consisted of 7 distribution channels and different creatives, tailored to the specific channels and target audience.


For example, offline promotion was driven by 25 citylights strategically in high-traffic areas along the commute routes to and from work, near our target audience’s key locations such as transportation stations, polyclinics, hospitals, and busy bus routes.


In the online space, we focused on Meta and Google Ads. We utilized dynamic formats such as Instagram Reels.


Additionally, we prepared articles on the website and engaged in public relations (PR) activities with local media.


The distribution was divided across multiple channels, where our target audience was present.


We obtained 26 leads, from which Vesnala Pharmacy successfully hired 3 new employees. The campaign proved to be cost-effective, as it was much cheaper than outsourcing the hiring process to a personnel agency.


Furthermore, the campaign had a positive impact on our brand, as evidenced by an increase in quarterly searches for Vesnala and positive reactions on social media platforms.


Aneta Marcely – Creative Director

Miriam Cáková – Social Media Manager

Patrik Zubíček – Performance Specialist

Sofia Kohútová – Project Manager

Barbara Skovayová – Graphic Designer

Filip Marek – Web Designer


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