Smart Light

Fluid identity for lighting and acoustic brand


Smart Light is a lighting and acoustic design studio that offers its clients the best lighting brands and professional advice for both selection and complete execution. The client have the largest design lighting showroom in Slovakia and collaborate with top architectural and interior design studios.


Before our arrival, Smart Light had a visual identity that lacked specific elements, an e-commerce platform that wasn’t generating sales, and their communication was solely focused on sales activation.

From our initial meetings, we sensed a mismatch between who the brand aimed to be and how it communicated. Our task was to develop a comprehensive brand strategy with the goal of fundamentally transforming the brand.


At Birne, we always begin our strategies with research to identify key challenges. We conducted mystery shopping, engaged in qualitative interviews with customers, and evaluated analytical data.

Once the research phase was complete, we delved into the rebranding process. Today, Smart Light boasts a new visual identity, website, and magazine, all of which emerged as strategic initiatives based on our research.


Prior to our intervention, the identity was black and white; however, light consists of a multitude of colors, and we felt it would be a missed opportunity not to leverage this insight.

Therefore, we introduced an identity where the logo and certain branding elements remained preserved, but the transformative aspect lies in the colors themselves and their dynamics. Today, Smart Light is no longer just black and white. The most crucial principle we adhere to is that color is in motion.


From our research, it emerged that Smart Light’s core target audience is B2B, with a smaller segment being premium B2C customers. These individuals were less inclined to make purchases directly on the e-commerce platform. Therefore, we made a bold decision.

We abandoned the concept of the e-commerce store and focused more on a catalog experience, allowing customers to create mood boards with their preferred products, which they could then send to themselves via email. The goal of the website is not to make immediate sales, but to assist customers in navigating the „consideration“ phase.


Another crucial finding related to communication was the realization that the number of customers currently „in-market“ in this category isn’t high.

This prompted us to shift our focus towards „future buyers.“ We initiated the preparation of a magazine where we cover a range of umbrella topics such as design and architecture, while also naturally writing articles about Smart Light’s projects and products.

Today, we not only have an online version with over 80 published articles but also a print version of the magazine. This print edition is utilized in direct business interactions.


The number of brand searches has increased by 85% over the past two years, which is a strong indicator of brand growth and awareness among the audience.

We have increased organic traffic by 135% to 33,000 visits in the year 2022. Currently, our website hosts over 80 articles with readership of 150,000 or more views.

We are continuing to work on the project and embracing new challenges as they arise.


Smart Light project has been build on strong expertise of our top-notch designer Adam Cisár and creative content marketer Aneta Marcely, who were in charge of the progress.


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