Mini Tech MBA

Opening Doors to IT for Women


Mini Tech MBA is an educational program tailor-made for women seeking to venture into the realm of IT and technology.

Unlike traditional IT programs, Mini Tech MBA offers a comprehensive understanding of digital technologies via workshops, mentoring and community building. Women can decide whether they want to study in-person, or online in real-time. Mini Tech MBA team now came up with a brand new form of studying online.


The new product is called FLEXI and it is an educational platform with extensive IT material database, alowing women to study online, at their own pace, no matter when or where. This form of studying is the most cost-effective and flexible from Mini Tech MBA portfolio.

Our ultimate challenge was to create a campaign, that present and distinguish FLEXI as a brand new product, while remaining consistent and complementary with the overall communication strategy.


Before we presented the first ideas to the client, we executed an in-depth research of market and competitors and set aspirational benchmarks. We also carried out internal workshop with Mini Tech MBA team for better understanding of their vision, goals and gain as much insight as possible.

Thanks to our previous activities, we identified it is necessary to not only provide a functional and visually attractive campaign, but also to re-think current visual identity of the brand and create a fresh twist for a new product.


To distinguish FLEXI as a new product, we’ve developed a more feminine, soft but fresh color palette, that not only catches the eye and resonates with women, but also complements brand’s primary color, dark blue.

Furthermore, we’ve designed various brand elements, that will be featured in both the campaign and long-term communications, ensuring a cohesive brand identity.

Notably, we’ve refined the „W,“ which has previously been a part of the logo but is now used as an individual element, along with a color gradient that unifies all brand colors.


In upper funnel, we portrayed the real Mini Tech MBA alumni, as they are strong, confident, and genuine women from diverse backgrounds. In copy texts, our creative direction aimed to deliver a positive and affirmative message.

The campaign will be complemented by video content featuring real alumni stories, providing a deeper insight into their experiences, additional social media content and PR strategy

We have also created brand new website, which is more digestable and provides all of the important information about all 3 forms of Mini Tech MBA program – PREMIUM, ONLINE and FLEXI.


The campaign is in progress and the results will be added as soon as it finishes.


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